June・Headword D Motorcycle Mountain Road Self-driving Tour

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Headtext D・Motorcycle Mountain Road Self-driving Tour 6 days

Gunma – Mount Akagi, Mount Akina, Nagano – Kusatsu, Matsumoto, Tokyo – Okutama Enjoy the head text D Resort!

The highest point of Japan’s National Highway at 2,172 meters, the Venus Goddess Way, Kusatsu-Shiga Kogen and Mihara Kogen are a must-see for Japanese motorcyclists!

Departure date: 22/06/2023
Space is limited, so sign up quickly!


  • The latest and most chariots: from the four major Japanese car manufacturers to European and American brand motorcycles, you can choose at the peak!
  • There will be long highways, many curves, uphills, downslopes and single-lane driving, which requires more physical driving.
  • Shop the strongest equipment: buy all kinds of vehicle parts and personal parts freely at the famous motorcycle supply store Ricoland!
  • Strongest car support: The whole luggage is supported by Support Car, plus fluent Japanese and Cantonese to guide the company, so that you can safely experience Japan's most authentic self-driving tour!


  • Round-trip tickets
  • Business hotel accommodation
  • Transportation to and from the airport and Rental819
  • Quality motorcycle rental
  • Travel insurance, Japan car rental compulsory insurance (third insurance) and vehicle damage compensation insurance
  • Chinese and Japanese bilingual tour leader
  • Full support of logistics vehicles
  • Taxes
  • Exclusion amount (Japan rental car insurance deductible)
  • Motorcycle fuel costs
  • Meals (breakfast) are excluded
  • Highway and tunnel fares
  • Motorcycle operating loss"
  • Other items not included in the above fees are included

Departure shop

おOdaiba store

address :
〒135-0091 Tokyo Minato-ku Odaiba 1-chome 6-1 デックス東京ビーチシーサイドモール1F
telephone number :
business hours :
Open all year round


<span>  Day 1 Pick up at Hong Kong International Airport → Tokyo Narita Airport →RENTAL819 → hotel</span>
  • ❖Hong Kong International Airport~Tokyo Narita Airport~RENTAL819 Car Rental Shop Pick-up~Hotel
  • ❖ Meet at Hong Kong International Airport on the day and take a luxury passenger plane to Tokyo.
  • ❖Thoughtfully arrange a shuttle car to go to the Rental819 store to pick up the car.

<span>  Day 2 Hotel → Akagi Mountain → Akagi Shrine→ Racing Cafe D'z Garage→ Haruna Mountain (Akinayama) → Nagano Shiga Kusatsu Road → Hotel</span>
  • ❖ Akagi Shrine (あかぎじんじゃ) is a shrine located in Akagi Motocho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. Before the Meiji Restoration, it was called Akagi Daimyojin and Akagi Akijin Shrine.
  • ❖ "Head Text D" I believe that many people know, and the famous Akinaiyama in the manga is actually based on Haruna Mountain, and there are crazy fans in the local area who have opened a concept café Racing Cafe D'z Garage with the theme of "Head Text D", which has become a gathering place for many fans and comic book fans over the years, and there are seven sports car collections of the owner outside the door, including an AE86 SprinterTrueno and an RX-7.
  • ❖ Shiga Kusatsu Road, one of Japan's 100 famous roads, this mountain range is the highest point of Japan's national highway at 2172 meters above sea level. Due to the deep snow, it is only open from May to October.

<span>  Day 3 Hotel → Venus Goddess Highway → Mihara Kogen → Matsumoto Castle → Hotel</span>
  • ❖The name Venus Highway comes from the beautiful and elegant mountain Tateshina along the way. The road is surrounded by clear lakes, beautiful wetlands, and magnificent mountains, and you can see Mt. Fuji in the distance. Running on the highland highway without traffic lights, looking at the beautiful scenery around is also a great pleasure. It is one of the few self-driving roads in Japan.
  • ❖Mihara Kogen is a highland located in the northwest of Chuxin Kogen Quasi-National Park in Yatsugatake, Japan, straddling Matsumoto City, Ueda City, and the town of Kogaku in Nagano Prefecture, and is one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan. Located in central Nagano Prefecture, Minohara is a Quaternary volcano. Minohara is also an area where television stations are concentrated, and it is a key point for broadcast communications.
  • ❖Matsumoto Castle, also known as Umaki Castle, was built during the Eishō period in the Sengoku period, and is the oldest national treasure castle in Japan's existing five-fold six-order castle tower. The contrasting colors of black and white form a picturesque landscape with the Northern Alps.

<span>  Day 4 Hotel → Mt. Fuji Museum → Shinkura Fuji Asama Shrine →Lake Ashi → Hotel</span>
  • ❖The Narusawa Mt. Fuji Museum was established in 2008 to display information about Mt. Fuji knowledge and mountaineering. The museum also has a new underground exhibition hall ore museum, which not only has a transparent model of Mt. Fuji, but also a simulated magma that can be seen and touched. There are shops selling Yamanashi Prefecture's native and natural stones, so you will see Mt. Fuji even more different.
  • ❖In the beautiful Shinkura Mountain Asama Park, there stands the Shinkura Fuji Asama Shrine and the shrine's pagoda. The pagoda offers a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji in the distance.
  • ❖Lake Ashi is a lake formed about 3,000 years ago by volcanic activity causing water vapor eruptions, causing mountains and rocks to collapse and block the river. In fact, almost all of the source of the river's springs comes from rainwater, so Lake Ashi can be said to be a giant puddle.

<span>  Day 5 Hotel → Obama Motorbike Road → Ricoland→RENTAL819 store drop-off → hotel → free time</span>
  • ❖The Okutama Trail is a popular motorcycle route in the suburbs of Tokyo, and a popular spot for Japanese cyclists.
  • ❖Ricoland is a large-scale one-stop motorcycle supplies department store in Japan, which is very popular with motorcycle fans in Japan and around the world.

<span>Day 6 Free time → hotel → Tokyo Narita Airport → Hong Kong International Airport</span>
  • ❖The journey has come to an end and we will arrive in Hong Kong on the same day.

The fee includes:

❖ Air ticket: round-trip economy class ticket.
❖ Taxes: Airport tax, security tax, airport construction fee, Japan International Tourism Tax, fuel surcharge, air ticket handling fee.
❖ Staff: Navigator and support fleet staff (basic maintenance and luggage delivery with the tour).
❖ Service fee: (Cantonese and Japanese) Tour leader, local guide, support bus driver and team staff.
❖ Hotel: According to the hotel listed in the itinerary or the same class, two people share the same room. Single room surcharge is based on one person occupying one room.
❖ Meals: For group meals listed in the itinerary, meals provided by the transportation service provider shall be subject to the final arrangement.
❖ Transportation: Rental819 shuttle to and from the airport.
❖ Car rental fee: According to the type of self-driving motorcycle selected by the guest. Each model is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up as soon as possible!
❖ Insurance: Travel insurance, Japan car rental compulsory insurance (third insurance) and vehicle damage compensation insurance.

Fees are not included

❖ Travel documents, entry visas and international license plate application fees.
❖ Exclusion amount (Japan rental car insurance deductible).
❖ Service fees for scenic area staff, restaurant waiters, hotel, airport and all kinds of transportation baggage students.
❖ Meals at your own expense as included in the itinerary.
❖ Parking fees outside the hotel.
❖ Various personal expenses such as laundry, telephone bills, fax bills and drinks.
❖ Rental of helmets and safety equipment.
❖ Excess baggage charges.
❖ Sightseeing programs other than those listed in the itinerary.
❖ Expenses incurred during the period of “free activities”.
❖ Fuel charges, highway and tunnel fees.
❖ Additional costs due to traffic delays, strikes, typhoons or other unexpected circumstances beyond the control of the Company.
❖ Motorcycle “business loss”.
❖ and other items not listed in the “Fee Inclusion” above.


6 days (approx.) 900 KM



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