August ・Japan Thang Long Road self-driving tour

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Japan Thang Long Road self-drive tour 6 days

Osaka, Lake Biwa, Noto Peninsula, Shirakawa-go

Located in Central Japan, the Soaring Road connects Central Japan and the Hokuriku region, passing through many secret places in Japan, such as Hida Takayama and Shirakawa-go.

Departure date: 29/08/2023
Space is limited, so sign up quickly!


  • The latest and most chariots: from the four major Japanese car manufacturers to European and American brand motorcycles, you can choose at the peak!
  • There will be long highways, many curves, uphills, downslopes and single-lane driving, which requires more physical driving.
  • Strongest car support: The whole luggage is supported by Support Car, plus fluent Japanese and Cantonese to guide the company, so that you can safely experience Japan's most authentic self-driving tour!
  • Experience extraordinary attractions: The itinerary designed to experience the operation of motorcycles and feel the road conditions is not an ordinary tour group!


  • Round-trip tickets
  • Business hotel accommodation
  • Transportation to and from the airport and Rental819
  • Quality motorcycle rental
  • Travel insurance, Japan car rental compulsory insurance (third insurance) and vehicle damage compensation insurance
  • Chinese and Japanese bilingual tour leader
  • Full support of logistics vehicles
  • Taxes
  • Exclusion amount (Japan rental car insurance deductible)
  • Motorcycle fuel costs
  • Meals (breakfast) are excluded
  • Highway and tunnel fares
  • Motorcycle operating loss"
  • Other items not included in the above fees are included

Departure shop

Osaka International Airport Store

address :
〒560-0036 Hotaruike-Nishi-cho, Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture 3-chome 555 Banchi 長遠離バス待合indoor 北ターミナル 1F 北側
telephone number :
business hours :
Weekdays: 8:30-20:00 Saturday: 8:30-20:00 Sunday: 8:30-20:00 Holidays: 8:30-20:00


<span>  Day 1 Hong Kong International Airport → RENTAL819 Osaka International (Itami) Airport Branch  </span>
  • ❖ Meet at Hong Kong International Airport on a Japanese day and take a luxury airliner to Osaka.

<span>  Day 2 Hiei Drive Way → Dream Hill Observatory → Metasequoia Forest Road → Lake Okawa Park Way Observatory → Nippon Automobile Museum  </span>
  • ❖Mt. Hiei Drive Way, Dream Hill Observatory The Hiei Mountain Drive Way is full of greenery, allowing riders to immerse themselves in the natural scenery. From the Yumeiga Observatory, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Kyoto and Otsu.
  • ❖ Metasequoia Forest Road More than 500 115-meter-tall sequoia trees planted on the 2.4-kilometer-long road are planted, and the towering ancient trees and distant mountain scenery create a beautiful landscape painting, and were selected as "100 Views of New Japanese Street Trees".
  • ❖Lake Obiwa Park Way The Ozaki Observatory on the 18.8-kilometer-long Obiwa Lake Park Way is located at a high point and offers a panoramic view of Lake Biwa, Takeyu Island, and the traditional fishing "Krayumei", and has been chosen as a sacred place for lovers.
  • ❖ Japan Motor Car Museum Japan's largest automobile museum, with more than 500 cars of different eras, whether it is steam cars from the beginning of the automobile industry to classic sports cars.

<span>  Day 3 Shokicho Chaya Street → Senrihama Gasa Road → Noto Island Bridge Road Park → Manga Road  </span>
  • ❖ Shogun Town Chaya Street Ōguncho is one of the three chaya streets in Kanazawa. Tea house means a traditional place to hang out. Whether it's the view from the Asanogawa Bridge, the tea house in Shocho, the stay on the bridge, or the unknown ramp connected to Takadaiwari Town, you can best feel the scenery of Kanazawa by walking around this area. The town was selected as a national cultural property under the name of the historic Chaya Street.
  • ❖ Thousands of miles of coastal sand road The Senrihama Sand Road is the only road in Japan that stretches along the coast for about 8 kilometers. Not only can you drive by car, but you can also use motorcycles. The particles of the sand are finely crushed, solidified after absorbing water, so you can enjoy driving along the coast like a movie scene.
  • ❖Noto Peninsula Bridge The curvy beauty of the calm surface of the inland sea is a symbol of Notojima, and you can see the elegant scenery of the sea and the island. Breathtaking sea views, especially at the highest point of the bridge.
  • ❖ The Road to Comics The Manga Road is located in Himi City and is the birthplace of manga artist Fujiko Fujio A. The shopping street is full of statues of ninja elves and funeral kunzo, so you can check them out with them.

<span>  Day 4 Shirakawa-go → Ibukiyama Drive Way  </span>
  • ❖ Shirakawa-go The Shirakawa-go gassho-zuku building, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995, exudes a dreamy atmosphere like a fairytale world all year round. More than 100 ancient buildings of Gassho have been completely preserved, and there are still ancient villages where residents live. You can also climb to the sky observatory to overlook the fairytale world of Shirakawa-go.
  • ❖ Ibukiyama Drive Way The 17-kilometer-long Mt. Ibuki Drive Way connects Shiga Prefecture and Gifu Prefecture, one of Japan's 100 most famous mountains, the foothills of Mt. Ibuki (Gifu Prefecture) at 1,377 meters above sea level, and the summit parking lot (Shiga Prefecture) at 1,260 meters above sea level. It takes about 30 minutes one way to reach the hilltop car park at the terminus. Along the way, you can enjoy the scenery overlooking Lake Biwa and the Noo Plain.

<span>  Day 5 Katsuoji → RENTAL819 Osaka International (Itami) Airport Branch  </span>
  • ❖Katsuoji Temple Katsuo-ji Temple, famous for praying for good luck, has beautiful scenery inside the temple, and there are large and small Katsuyun Tama tumblers in the park, allowing you to score full points for luck and satisfaction. Come to Katsuo-ji Temple and pray for good luck throughout the year!

<span>  Day 6 Free time  </span>
  • ❖In the morning, shopping is possible in Namba or nearby shopping areas At dusk, we will return to Hong Kong by luxury airliner

Popular reference models and fees of various classes (there are other models that cannot be exhausted, if there are other favorite models, please contact us).

The fee includes:

❖ Air ticket: round-trip economy class ticket.
❖ Taxes: Airport tax, security tax, airport construction fee, Japan International Tourism Tax, fuel surcharge, air ticket handling fee.
❖ Staff: Navigator and support fleet staff (basic maintenance and luggage delivery with the tour).
❖ Service fee: (Cantonese and Japanese) Tour leader, local guide, support bus driver and team staff.
❖ Hotel: According to the hotel listed in the itinerary or the same class, two people share the same room. Single room surcharge is based on one person occupying one room.
❖ Meals: For group meals listed in the itinerary, meals provided by the transportation service provider shall be subject to the final arrangement.
❖ Transportation: Rental819 shuttle to and from the airport.
❖ Car rental fee: According to the type of self-driving motorcycle selected by the guest. Each model is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up as soon as possible!
❖ Insurance: Travel insurance, Japan car rental compulsory insurance (third insurance) and vehicle damage compensation insurance.

Fees are not included

❖ Travel documents, entry visas and international license plate application fees.
❖ Exclusion amount (Japan rental car insurance deductible).
❖ Service fees for scenic area staff, restaurant waiters, hotel, airport and all kinds of transportation baggage students.
❖ Meals at your own expense as included in the itinerary.
❖ Parking fees outside the hotel.
❖ Various personal expenses such as laundry, telephone bills, fax bills and drinks.
❖ Rental of helmets and safety equipment.
❖ Excess baggage charges.
❖ Sightseeing programs other than those listed in the itinerary.
❖ Expenses incurred during the period of “free activities”.
❖ Fuel charges, highway and tunnel fees.
❖ Additional costs due to traffic delays, strikes, typhoons or other unexpected circumstances beyond the control of the Company.
❖ Motorcycle “business loss”.
❖ and other items not listed in the “Fee Inclusion” above.


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